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Are you searching for an actor who speaks in perfect Scouse (Think Beatles)? An actress with a genuine Ch'tis (obscure French) accent? Or voice actors with extensive Bayerish, Urdu, Hillbilly Twang, West Flemish or Northern Chinese vocabularies? International Native Casting (INCasting) is your specialist when you need authentic accents.

For our clients we search, select and book the real deal: (voice) actors from every corner of the earth who live in The Benelux.  In short: we cast aliens.

We lessen the load of our clients by saving them time, hassle and expensive airline tickets. Every single day.

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More on INCasting’s very own Nathalie P.  |  watch video »
Voice Talent Alan M. from the UK  |  listen »


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Voice overs create good jobs for actors and models. By learning about them, it can expand the knowledge created about our wild world of acting and since there are just a few well know female voice-over actresses, there is much room for a Wikipedia update. Some voice actors you may know are Robbin W...   |  read more »

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RSS Feed ReaderFri 02:21  - Kyoto Arson Attack: Animation Community Mourns Colleagues
Thursday’s deadly attack on Japan’s Kyoto Animation studios left many in the animation community shocked and horrified by the loss of 33 of their colleagues. Another 36 people were injured in the attack, which was Japan’s deadliest ever. A suspect was arrested after pouring a flammable liquid inside the building, which caught fire and trapped […]

RSS Feed ReaderFri 01:21  - Frequent Matt Reeves Collaborator Has Seen Stuff From The Batman: 'It’s Pretty Darn Awesome'

Frequent collaborator Michael Giacchino elaborates on what he's seen.


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RSS Feed ReaderThu 13:41  - Presentatrice/Presentator Stagiaire Gezocht? (lowbudgetvergoeding)
We hebben het liefst stagiaires maar kunnen uitzonderingen maken. Man/vrouw leeftijd 16+ Vloeiend in Engels Behalve presentatrices en presentators zijn we ook opzoek naar vrijwilligers.

RSS Feed ReaderThu 13:06  - Barry Atsma: ‘Opnametempo in NL vier keer zo hoog’ (mediacourant)
Het opnametempo van Nederlandse films en televisieseries ligt ongeveer vier keer zo hoog als in het buitenland, waar hij ook regelmatig werkt. Dat vertelt acteur Barry Atsma in gesprek met Televizier. Atsma is momenteel te zien in het Amerikaanse The Rook. “Het verschil zit hem vooral in het tempo. Bij Klem draaien we acht, soms negen pagina’s script per dag. Bij The Rook waren dat er twee. Over een blok van tien zinnen doen ze daar rustig 2 dagen, dat is in Nederland ondenkbaar“, zegt hij.

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Daniella is an actress, voice-over artist, copywriter, and aerial hobbyist and is one of our big talents doing her thing! Make sure you follow her on instagram:   |  view profile »