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Fri 03:26  Fortnite Has Pulled Another Weapon From The Game

Epic Games is currently going through a balancing and re-balancing period for Fortnite given that the game is still going through the paces on the development front. This includes adding and removing weapons almost every single update. In fact, for the latest update Epic pulled yet...

Fri 03:14  Monster Hunter World Update Adds An Elder Dragon

Capcom is updating Monster Hunter World with something special for gamers: an Elder Dragon. These rare creatures are the boss creatures of all boss creatures, and defeating an Elder Dragon is no easy task. However, Capcom decided to add the new battleground boss as a free update for both...

Fri 03:10  Why Gotham's Jeremiah May Be Way More Dangerous Than Jerome

Gotham's latest trailer may reveal why Jeremiah is more dangerous than his demented twin brother ever was.

Fri 02:41  How The Situation Has Already Become The Best Part Of Jersey Shore Family Vacation

Mike "The Situation," Sorrentino is hands down the best part of Jersey Shore Family Vacation.

Fri 02:38  Halo: The Master Chief Collection Will Get A Major Update This Summer

It's impressive, but 343 Industries is still updating Halo: The Master Chief Collection. I know, I know, the game came out way back in 2014 and was a broken mess for many gamers for months (or years) thereafter. But it appears as if Microsoft has put some cash aside to allow 343 to...

Fri 02:32  Could Arrow Redeem Black Siren In Season 6?

The latest episode of Arrow raises the question of whether or not the show could redeem Black Siren.

Fri 02:27  PUBG's New Savage Map Will Drop Players Underground

PUBG's latest map, known as Savage, is undergoing quite a bit of testing at this point but the developer decided to share at least one interesting detail concerning the map's future: Players are going to be able to go underground in a major way.

Fri 01:43  Did Gotham Reveal How Bruce Wayne Becomes Batman?

The latest episode of Gotham may have revealed how the boy billionaire becomes the Dark Knight.

Fri 01:40  What Neil Gaiman Did On The Big Bang Theory

Renowned fantasy author Neil Gaiman just made his first appearance on The Big Bang Theory, and we're here to tell you how it all went down.

Fri 00:33  Bryce Dallas Howard Does Wear Heels In Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

The heels conversation for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom isn't quite done yet.

Thu 23:09  Westworld Used A Legit Robot To Promote Season 2, And Things Quickly Got Awkward

A shockingly lifelike robot was built to promote Westworld Season 2, and the result was some serious...well, awkwardness.

Thu 23:04  Josh Brolin Is Really Glad He Didn't Get To Play Batman

Josh Brolin was being eyed to play Batman in the DCEU, and all these years later, he's glad didn't end up getting the role.

Thu 21:56  Hulu's New Show PEN15 Sounds Raunchy And Ridiculous

Hulu has a new series about middle school, but there is a huge twist...

Thu 21:51  Watch The MCU Get Explained In 6 Minutes

With 18 movies out so far, everyone was bound to miss at least a few movies.

Thu 21:35  World War Z 2 Is Even Further Out Than We Thought

It's coming, theoretically, just not when we expected.

Thu 21:32  What Criminal Minds' Kirsten Vangsness Thought About Garcia's Crazy Finale Cliffhanger

CinemaBlend spoke with Kirsten Vangsness, who is thankful not to share life experiences with her Criminal Minds character.

Thu 21:30  Captain Cold's Final Flash Episode Will Also Feature An Arrow Villain

A surprising Arrow-verse baddie has surfaced in recent promotional materials for The Flash.

Thu 21:21  7 Characters The MCU Needs To Kill Off For Good By Avengers 4

We're heading towards the end of an era, and with that should come some Marvel characters biting the dust.

Thu 20:25  What Homeland's Creator Is Planning For The Final Season

Homeland may be coming to end and this is what the series' creator is planning for the final season...

Thu 20:20  Super Troopers 2 Review

Vulgar, stupid, but still a hell of a lot of fun, Super Troopers 2 is a serviceable sequel that delivers some laughs and nostalgia but not much else.

Thu 20:12  What Krypton's Big Villain Twist Means For The Show, According To The Showrunner

The latest episode of Krypton introduce a big-name bad guy who could be a very big deal.

Thu 20:06  The Biggest Difference Between X-Force And The X-Men

Audiences have come to know the X-Men quite well over their nearly two decades onscreen, but there is another mutant superhero group making its debut in Deadpool 2 and the two teams are very different.

Thu 19:53  That Creepy Chic Moment Riverdale Fans May Have Missed During The Carrie Episode

Chic just peaked in the "creep," category.

Thu 19:38  No Criminal Charges Are Being Filed For Prince's Death

These are the latest developments in Prince's untimely death.

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