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Thu 19:12  Could The Punisher's Frank And Karen Ever Get Romantic? Here's What Deborah Ann Woll Told Us

The Punisher spent a fair amount of time in Season 1 exploring the dynamic between Frank Castle and Karen Page. Actress Deborah Ann Woll spoke to CinemaBlend about whether romance could be in their future.

Thu 19:11  Watch Chewbacca Smack A Porg In The Latest Star Wars: The Last Footage

Porgs are adorable, but that doesn't stop Chewbacca from smacking one of them aside in the latest Star Wars: The Last Jedi footage.

Thu 18:57  Best Friend From Heaven Is Easily The Weirdest Trailer We've Seen In Years

Steel your nerves folks, you need to watch the trailer for the dog-led Best Friend from Heaven.

Thu 18:53  Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Might Answer A Major Rey Mystery

The newest Star Wars video game is making headlines for many unfortunate reasons, but inside the game itself might be the answer to a question fans have been asking for almost two years.

Thu 18:41  That Time Josh Hutcherson Farted In Tom Hanks’ Face While Filming A Scene

Josh Hutcherson just revealed the most embarrassing onset mistake ever.

Thu 18:01  The Surprising Way Far Cry Primal Inspired Far Cry 5

Set to launch early next year, Far Cry 5 is, if you will pardon the phrasing, a far cry from the series' most recent offering, Far Cry Primal. Still, the team learned a lot while working on the latter that they've been applying to the former.

Thu 17:45  Marvel Heroes Shuts Down Early, Lays Off Entire Development Team

We announced earlier this week that developer Gazillion would be shutting down Marvel Heroes, the _Diablo-_style MMO sporting a cast of, you guessed it, Marvel heroes. But while the switch was supposed to be flipped at the conclusion of 2017, we've learned that the studio has moved the...

Thu 17:40  Seth Meyers Will Host The 2018 Golden Globe Awards

The Golden Globes has found its newest host: late night host and Saturday Night Live alum Seth Meyers.

Thu 17:30  How John Boyega Feels About Star Wars: The Last Jedi's Porgs

If you're Ben Affleck, you get asked about Batman. If you're in Star Wars, you get asked about porgs.

Thu 17:30  Every Pixar Movie, Ranked From Worst To Best

Pixar is one of the most successful studios on the planet. They've made more great movies than just about anybody, but even the best have an off day.

Thu 17:16  2017 Holiday Gift Guide: The Best DVD Sets Include DC, Firefly And More

It's that time of year when we are all busy visiting family, attending holiday functions and, of course, shelling out an exceptional amount of money to show our friends and family just how much we love them.

Thu 17:06  Demi Lovato Shares Stunning Pic In A Wedding Dress, But Why?

Does this picture mean wedding bells are ringing for Demi Lovato? Not so fast. Get the details.

Thu 16:53  Sesame Street's Stranger Things Parody Is Hilarious And Adorable, Check It Out

Sesame Street has a history of tackling TV shows and movies with parodies, and the latest series to get the spoof treatment is none other than Netflix's smash hit Stranger Things. Check it out!

Thu 16:29  The Winter Soldier, Black Widow, And More Join Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite In New DLC Pack

Capcom promised more characters would be joining the roster of Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite, the latest crossover fighting game from Capcom featuring iconic characters from both their brand and Marvel Entertain. The latest DLC pack for the game includes fan-favorites such as the Winter...

Thu 16:28  See The Bat Motorcycle Batman Almost Had In Justice League

Batman rocked various vehicles like the The Crawler and the Batmobile in Justice League. But it turns out that another Bat vehicle was tossed around: a motorcycle

Thu 16:19  Valkyria Chronicles 4 Is Coming In 2018

Sega's Valkyria Chronicles series has always had its ups and downs over the years, but Sega is hoping to get back on track with the recently announced Valkyria Chronicles 4. The upcoming game hearkens back to the original's art-style and aesthetics, and is set to release in...

Thu 16:18  Which Team Is Better, The Justice League Or The Avengers?

It should be noted that our staff fully recognizes that most fans (ourselves included) don't limit themselves to liking just liking one thing, and acknowledge that the majority actually enjoys both and don't feel the need to "pick a side." That, however, shouldn't marginalize the intellectual...

Thu 16:01  Coco Just Opened And Already Has Set A Box-Office Record

Pixar's Coco may have just opened, but that hasn't stopped the movie from setting records. The movie is expected to put up some solid numbers at the box office over the holiday weekend, but that's nothing compared to what the film has already done.

Thu 15:53  Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Is Taking On The Harvey Weinstein Scandal

A scandal surrounding sexual harassment allegations against Harvey Weinstein has rocked the world in 2017, and Law & Order: SVU intends to tackle the scandal in an unexpected way.

Thu 15:32  The 60 Best Streaming Movies To Watch On Thanksgiving

Today's the big day, and your family is coming to eat, drink, and be merry as they tear into the turkey and trimmings. Take a look at our massive list of streaming titles that are available for your Thanksgiving, inside.

Thu 15:14  5 DC Movies That Need To Be Fast Tracked After Justice League

After finally seeing how Justice League plays out, it became clear that there are a number of interesting films in the DCEU that need to be moved up the release schedule and fast-tracked into production.

Thu 15:06  What Excites Rian Johnson About His Upcoming Star Wars Trilogy

Rian Johnson is crafting a new trilogy of Star Wars films, and he recently opened up about his excitement for the film.

Thu 14:56  Justice League’s Opening Scene Was Edited, Here’s Why

Justice League went through a lot of reshoots, and we can tell that a lot of them made it into the final film. However, one sequence apparently didn't make it into the movie quite as Joss Whedon had envisioned it.

Thu 13:42  Upcoming Pixar Movies: Here's What's Coming In The Next Few Years

Pixar has two sequels on the horizon, but very little else. Not the best ratio of comfortable to edgy, but animated movies take a very long time to produce. Here's what we know about the animation giant's short-term plans.

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