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Tue 15:31  How Bad Boys For Life Made The Action So Big On A Not-So-Big Budget

This actually looks pretty dang good, considering the budget.

Tue 15:15  People Kept Stealing Sporks From Galaxy's Edge, So Disneyland Started Selling Them

We all knew this was coming.

Tue 15:14  Margot Robbie Explains Why Birds Of Prey Came Before Gotham City Sirens


Tue 15:00  Every Saw Movie Ranked, Including Jigsaw

You want to play a game? Let's rank all the Saw movies, including 2017's Jigsaw.

Tue 03:48  Chris Messina’s Victor Zsasz Is ‘Obsessed’ With Black Mask In Birds Of Prey

Get ready for a new interpretation of Victor Zsasz.

Tue 01:49  The Batman Has Begun Filming, Here’s How Matt Reeves Celebrated

It’s finally happening!

Mon 23:22  Two New Transformers Movies Are Finally In The Works Post-Bumblebee

Roll out!

Mon 22:56  Disneyland Just Won Its First Ever Grammy, And It Was Long Overdue

The first Grammy ever given for theme park music went to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

Mon 22:26  2020 Academy Award Nominations Ballot, Who Do You Think Will Win?

Cast your vote for the 2020 Oscars!

Mon 22:12  Why Dolittle Is Going To Lose Money, Despite Making Nearly $100 Million So Far

It ain't Bad Boys for Life.

Mon 22:10  Surprise, Robert Rodriguez's Alita: Battle Angel Follow-Up Is Heading To Streaming

The director goes back to his roots for a streaming movie dropping this summer.

Mon 22:00  5 Marvel Villains That Could Give Captain Marvel A Run For Her Money

Captain Marvel may be unstoppable, but so are these Marvel villains

Mon 21:30  Masters Of The Universe Has Been Delayed Again, But That's Good News For Tom Holland's Uncharted

Gotta look at the silver lining.

Mon 21:14  Emily Blunt Reveals Crazy A Quiet Place: Part II Trailer Scene Was A Real Stunt

The story is wild.

Mon 20:43  The Call Of The Wild Has A Sneakily Awesome Cast

Director Chris Sanders assembled some real talent to bring Jack London's classic tale to life.

Mon 20:00  Wait, Did Bad Boys For Life Make A Major Change To The Timeline Of Mike And Marcus' Friendship?

In Bad Boys For Life, Will Smith's Mike Lowrey says something to Martin Lawrence's Marcus Burnett that ultimately conflicts with the timeline previously established in the last two Bad Boys movies. Is it a plot hole or is this a telling reveal? Let's investigate this matter.

Mon 19:45  Has Henry Golding Been Approached To Play Marvel’s Namor?

He’s among the many notable Marvel characters who still hasn’t appeared on the big screen yet.

Mon 19:11  Mark Hamill Reveals The Star Wars Actors He Wished He Actually Worked With

He's got a few in mind.

Mon 18:55  The Hardest Thing About Filming Little Women Was Probably Not What You'd Guess

Muddy skirts be damned... this was the toughest thing about the shoot.

Mon 18:19  The Lighthouse Director Gives His Side Of The Story After Robert Pattinson Wanted To Punch Him In Th

This was not a fun movie to make it seems.

Mon 17:58  Suicide Squad Director David Ayer Regrets Dropping F-Bomb About Marvel

The director holds no ill will towards the House of Ideas.

Mon 17:45  Why The Chewbacca Actor Wore Heels When Filming Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker


Mon 17:22  Could Bad Boys For Life Be The Biggest January Movie Release Ever?

The BAD Boys have been very good at the box office.

Mon 16:30  Colin Trevorrow Has A Name In Mind For Jurassic World 3, But It Isn't Extinction

We don't know what Jurassic World 3 will be called, but somebody does.

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