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Fri 22:17  Saw X Ending Explained: The Final Game And The Post-Credits Scene
Saw X has brought the series back with refreshing style and some killer twists.
Fri 21:46  Ryan Reynolds And Blake Lively Are Back To Their Instagram Hijinks As She Responds In An A+ Way To
Ryan Reynolds is trolling his wife Blake Lively on Instagram again, and she had a perfect response.
Fri 21:00  James Cameron Gets Real About Screening Titanic And How That Was The Movie Where Everything Changed
James Cameron speaks candidly about early screenings of Titanic and how it was the start of film leaks.
Fri 20:09  The Departed Ending Explained: Who Really Was The Rat? How A Different Ending Nearly Almost Changed
We take a look back at the ending of The Departed, and how a different ending would've changed the overall message of the crime film.
Fri 20:04  I Went To An Early Screening Of Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie With A Theater Full Of Kids, And It Wa
My kids and I went to an early screening of the new animated flick Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie, and it was some kind of experience.
Fri 18:41  Live-Action Bambi Writer On How The Disney Remake Will Handle The Mother’s Heartbreaking Death
Live-action Bambi writer opened up about how the Disney remake will handle the mother's heartbreaking and shocking death.
Fri 18:30  Critics Have Seen Saw X, And They’ve Made Their Choice Regarding Tobin Bell’s Return To The Franchi
Critics are weighing on Saw X, as Tobin Bell makes his return to the horror franchise in its 10th installment.
Fri 17:24  The Story Behind All Actors Who Almost Starred In Bad Boys Before Will Smith And Martin Lawrence
The history of the Bad Boys franchise almost saw Will Smith and Martin Lawrence's roles played by some very different actors.
Fri 15:49  One Harry Potter Fan Noticed One Cool Movie Connection After The Birth Of Alum Bonnie Wright's New
The Harry Potter cast is growing up and having kids, and there's a wild connection to their characters.
Fri 15:19  George And Amal Clooney Had Dinner With Daniel Craig And More Celebs And I Gotta Wonder If Batman O
George and Amal Clooney dined with Daniel Craig and other celebs at the second annual Albie Awards, and I wonder if the Caped Crusader or 007 came up in conversation.
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