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Tue 00:18  One Of The Dogs In Jesse Eisenberg's New Movie Wanted To Kill Him

Good times on the set of The Art Of Self-Defense.

Tue 00:17  That Time Interstellar, South Park And More Huge Franchises Were Traded For One Another

You thought space was rough? Try making a movie deal.

Tue 00:03  Bill And Ted 3 Writer Compares Face The Music To The First Two Movies

An update most excellent.

Mon 23:38  Why Jon Favreau Kept Wanting The Lion King To Be 'Uglier'

Jon Favreau discusses his unique utilization of special effects in his remake of The Lion King.

Mon 23:03  Annabelle Comes Home Reviews Are In, Here’s What The Critics Think

Hello (scary) Dolly!

Mon 22:48  Of Course, New Warner Bros CEO's Welcome Announcement Was Bombarded With Release The Snyder Cut Repl

The campaign continues.

Mon 22:32  All The Rides At Wizarding World Of Harry Potter Orlando, Ranked

Now that Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure is open, it's time to release the rankings of where it falls in comparison to the other rides.

Mon 22:09  Chris Hemsworth Would Be 'Perfect' For Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, Dave Bautista Says

Dave Bautista voices his support for another Thor appearance in the MCU.

Mon 20:51  Wonder Woman Vs. Captain Marvel: Who Is The Stronger Female Superhero?

One is an Amazonian demigoddess, the other is a cosmic powerhouse. Among the most powerful female heroes of the DC and Marvel universes, who would win: Wonder Woman or Captain Marvel?

Mon 20:49  Toy Story 4’s Ally Maki Had A Less Than Glamorous Introduction To Tom Hanks

Not exactly a dream encounter.

Mon 20:32  Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge No Longer Requires Reservations At Disneyland, Here's What You Need To Kno

Today, everything changes

Mon 20:24  Why Directing James Earl Jones On The Lion King Was 'Intimidating' For Jon Favreau

It's hard to direct someone who was responsible for such an iconic performance the first time around. Even for a real pro.

Mon 19:56  A Flash Gordon Movie Is Finally Happening, With Taika Waititi Involved

It’s about time!

Mon 19:52  Fast And Furious 9 Started Filming, Here’s How Vin Diesel And Michelle Rodriguez Celebrated

Nothing to see here people, just two sincere people who are very excited to start filming!

Mon 19:36  How The Toy Story Characters Were Originally Going To Find Bo Peep

We knew Bo Peep was back for Toy Story 4, but did you know it almost happened very differently?

Mon 18:32  Wow, Men In Black International Saw A Huge Drop At The Box Office During Its Second Weekend

Somebody forgot to press the little red button because this thing is slowing down fast.

Mon 18:18  Tom Holland Reveals What He Loves About Spider-Man's New Suits

The Web-Slinger has some new additions in is crimefighting wardrobe.

Mon 17:48  Is The Mystery Song On The Lion King Soundtrack Hiding A Spoiler?

Is there possibly something about the new Lion King being kept secret?

Mon 17:05  Hidden Camera Found In Women's Bathroom Where Bond 25 Is Being Shot

Bond 25 is currently filming at Pinewood Studios in England.

Mon 16:52  Kevin Smith Knows Who The Suicide Squad's Villain Is And He's Happy To Tease Us About It

He knows something we don't know.

Mon 16:41  Child's Play Ending Leaves The Door Open For Mark Hamill To Return In Chucky Sequel

If you're a fan of Mark Hamill's Chucky, you may be in luck!

Mon 16:20  Samuel L. Jackson Is Not Pleased Spider-Man: Far From Home Marketing Got His Eye Patch Wrong

Samuel L. Jackson images are not to be trifled with.

Mon 15:53  Is Avengers: Endgame’s Re-Release Only To Beat Avatar's Box Office Record?

And more importantly, will it work?

Mon 15:37  The 10 Best Liam Neeson Movies, Ranked

Liam Neeson is an actor with a "particular set of skills" that he has acquired over a long career. What are the best films he has starred in during that time?

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