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Fri 03:34  Rocket League Delays Update, And That's Good News

It's rare that gamers are hit with news about an update or a game being delayed and it's, somehow, good news. However, in this rare case you're probably going to be duly excited to find out the reasons behind Rocket League's delay for the latest update, because it will completely change...

Fri 03:24  Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 Has Already Made An Insane Amount Of Money

It should come as no surprise to anyone by now that Call of Duty is a mega-power when it comes to annual revenue. There are few franchises and few publishers who can match Activision's IP juggernaut. And, like clockwork, it's already been revealed that this year's outing of Call of...

Fri 03:09  Mario Is Getting A Zombie Makeover In Odyssey

With Halloween getting into full swing, Nintendo decided it was about time to get in on the frightening festivities and do so in a way that you probably weren't expecting. Yes, Nintendo is embracing the dark side, and Mario has become the prime target of their devilish tactics, turning the...

Fri 02:40  Big Bang Theory Spoilers: How Bob Newhart's Professor Proton Helped Sheldon And Amy's Marriage

Bob Newhart has made yet another appearance on The Big Bang Theory, this time to help Sheldon figure out an issue with his marriage to Amy.

Fri 02:37  Jersey Shore Family Vacation Spoilers: JWoww And The Situation Recreated A Classic Jersey Shore Mome

The two cast members came together to recreate a piece of Jersey Shore history.

Fri 01:59  Supernatural Just Delivered A Huge Michael Twist And It Definitely Needs To Change

The latest episode of Supernatural ended on a wild twist for Michael, and it should definitely only be temporary.

Fri 01:31  Halloween Ending: What Happens And What It Means For Sequels

Spoilers. All of the spoilers. So many spoilers. So back away now if you haven't yet seen Halloween. The new one, not the old one.

Fri 01:27  The Quantum Realm Will Play An Important Role In Avengers 4, According To Michael Douglas

We're heading back to this crazy alternate dimension!

Fri 00:17  3 Horror Franchises That Need A Halloween-Style Refresh

How many more horror franchises would be better off if they ignored the franchise?

Thu 23:58  Solo: A Star Wars Story Settled A Millennium Falcon Continuity Issue

Another case of retcon patchwork.

Thu 23:42  Mark Ruffalo To Play Twins In New HBO Series

Mark Ruffalo won't be hulking out for his new character(s) in an upcoming HBO series.

Thu 22:25  Manifest Just Got Some Good News From NBC

Freshman series Manifest is doing well for itself at NBC.

Thu 22:22  10 Things To Remember About The Original Halloween Before Seeing The Sequel

Before you head out to see Halloween's 2018 sequel, bone up on the facts you need to know to bridge the gap between that film and its 1978 predecesor.

Thu 21:54  Of Course Donald Glover Wore An Awesome Disney Shirt To His The Lion King Recording Sessions

Donald Glover just can't wait to be king in Disney's upcoming live-action remake.

Thu 21:41  When Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3 May Finally Begin Shooting

With James Gunn gone, Marvel's changing things up on the threequel.

Thu 21:33  Assassin's Creed Odyssey Cancels First Live Event

If you're on the hunt for the "Epic Mercenary" target that was supposed to be part of the first Assassin's Creed Odyssey live activity, it looks like the trail has gone cold and Ubisoft has cancelled the event.

Thu 21:23  Jason Blum Has Apologized For Comments About Not Hiring Female Directors

Jason Blum recently made some comments regarding the lack of female directors who have produced movies for Blumhouse.Productions. (The number is, in fact, zero.)

Thu 21:15  Rockstar Employees Open Up On Social Media About Working Conditions

This past week has been a firestorm of controversy and consternation whenever the topic of Rockstar Games pops up, and it's all because of a quote about 100-hour work weeks. Well, who better to get a clarification of the matter than from the developers themselves?

Thu 21:10  Halloween Could Have One Of The Best Horror Openings Of All Time

David Gordon Green's sequel to the 1978 horror classic is looking at an all-time debut when it opens this weekend.

Thu 21:09  Designated Survivor Season 3 Cast An ER Alum And One More For Major Roles

The third season of Designated Survivor cast a familiar face from ER, and that's not the only significant casting.

Thu 20:41  New Banksy Video Shows Girl With Balloon Was Meant To Be Fully Shredded

In a new video, Banksy suggests his painting, Girl With Balloon, was meant to be shredded completely during the viral video.

Thu 20:15  Scrubs' Creator To Reunite With Sarah Chalke For New TV Show

Scrubs' Sarah Chalke is reuniting with its creator for a new TV show!

Thu 20:10  Looks Like Avengers 4 Might Be Giving Iron Man A Cool, New Weapon

Tony Stark definitely has the best armory of all the MCU heroes.

Thu 20:07  The Russo Brothers Are Still Having Fun With Mark Ruffalo After He Spoiled Avengers 4

Looks like Mark Ruffalo isn't going to live down his past spoiler slip-up anytime soon.

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