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How to measure your jeans size and why really it’s important to know.  |  16-10-2019 Posted by Ingrid Sanghee Edwards in Other
So you need to buy a new pair of jeans. BLECH.
There's that fear that begins to swell in the back of the throat as you imagine the countless hours of searching, the multiple stores, the unbuttoning, the pulling, the buttoning, the squishing and the hopping.   |  read more »

THE WHO IN ACTING- Glossary 101  |  30-08-2019 Posted by Ingrid Sanghee Edwards in Other
Ever been on a set and told to go find "so and so" but ended up wandering around the production grounds to seek someone... only to find they were right next to you the whole time? Like many of us, it may seem embarrassing to ask "who is that" so take a few minutes to study these glossary terms of "the who" on an acting set or production and try to pair the terms with names and faces during your time with them. Who knows they may remember you if you impress them with knowing their name.   |  read more »

The importance of Social Media for an Actor- Tips to get on the good foot  |  05-08-2019 Posted by Ingrid Sanghee Edwards in Developing your talent
Despite social media evolving into an egotistical scrapbook of all our best and fabulous times and features… it is still a powerful marketing and PR tool to enhance your acting career. After the technological revolution and the birth of the digital native, people started to have a revelation in many forms. In 2006, FB and Twitter were created, and social media becomes more prominent in everyday life. If you didn’t have a profile, you didn’t exist in the digital world. If you didn’t exist in the digital world, “then who are you… really?”. As the world turns, social media allows anyone to talk to everyone. Despite accessibility to almost everything becoming the newest daily obsession, this gives everyone access to knowledge, networking, marketing and creation, and it allows the power of broadcasting to sit in the palm of the hands of almost everyone.   |  read more »

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