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Wed 13:48  Modellen gezocht voor Socials Campagne (betaald)
- A male model (30-45) who vacuums the floor while dancing. - A female model (30-45) who cleans the blinds while dancing
Tue 19:17  Acteur gezocht: Slechte vaderfiguur - 40-50 (lowbudgetvergoeding)
For a (very) gory metal music video, we are looking for a very bad, unkempt father extra, who doesn't care about moral values towards his young teenage daughter. Images will be played suggestively, but the message of what the father is doing with...
Tue 19:14  Acteur gezocht: Tengere, ruziënde man - 25-35 (lowbudgetvergoeding)
For a (very) bloody metal music video, we are looking for an actor with a somewhat frail build who verbally abuses his wife in the screenplay and is aggressively killed by his wife during a physically violent argument.
Tue 19:11  Actrice gezocht: Wraakzuchtig misbruikslachtoffer - 20-30 (lowbudgetvergoeding)
For a (very) gory metal music video we are looking for a vengeful abuse victim as the lead actress. Past abuses are retriggered by a misbehaving man and spiral into bloody domestic violence. (Think rudely and then one step further.) The main...
Mon 15:32  Man met afrokapsel gezocht (betaald)
Man about 30-35 years old with afro hairstyle.
Mon 12:18  Karakteristieke voice over voor stadcampaign (betaald)
A non standard voice-over voice. It may contain something special or different.
Mon 11:31  Kerstman gezocht (lowbudgetvergoeding)
I am looking for a man, age from 50 years.
Sat 13:12  ACTEURS EN EDELFIGURANTEN GEZOCHT voor aanmeldingsfilm (lowbudgetvergoeding)
For this project we are looking for actors and extras with the following requirements: Actors: (Main character) Female +/- 20 years old, Chinese, with (at least) a small command of mandarin (Mother) Woman +/- 41 years, Chinese, with (at least) a...
Sat 08:40  Looking for male actor for music video (20-40 years old) (lowbudgetvergoeding)
Actor preferably between ages of 20-40 years old, preferably dark hair but not necessary, thin to medium build, ability to play guitar or fake playing guitar is helpful, must be able to act a range of emotions from depressed, angry, sad, drunk, etc.
Tue 22:04  Actrice (40-55) gezocht voor een uitdagende rol in een short (lowbudgetvergoeding)
An actress who can confidently play a strong woman who will not be belittled by her egocentric/arrogant husband. The actor and DOP (cameraman) have already been found. We are looking for an enthusiastic actress of about 40-55 years to join our team...
Mon 19:32  Modellen Midden-Oosten gezocht (2 mannen, 2 vrouwen) (betaald)
For a local beer brand we are looking for two men (25-35 years old) and two women (25-35 years old) with a Middle Eastern appearance.
Mon 14:39  Presentator / presentatrice gezocht voor E-Learning Plaftorm (betaald)
We are looking for 2 different people, with the following preferences: - Presenter / presenter is a plus - Experience with autocue reading is a plus - Diverse backgrounds / origin - Both men and women - Age of 35 – 50 years
Fri 14:15  Modellen gezocht voor commercial (lowbudgetvergoeding)
Extras wanted for a brand movie! We are looking for 3 different models for a shoot on December 5th (afternoon). It is only non verbal, there is no speaking. We are looking for: * Striking person who radiates life experience (man, age 35-55) * Young...
Wed 09:05  Mannelijke modellen gezocht voor beeldbank Cardiologie (betaald)
We are looking for male extras (40-65 years old) in the role of patient. The focus of the images is on the cardiologist (doctor), but sometimes the patient is also recognizable. For some treatments it is necessary for the patient to appear...
Wed 07:54  Presentator gezocht voor instructievideo’s (betaald)
We are looking for 2 men (presenters), approx. 35 & 45 years old. Knowledge about jobs is an advantage
Tue 15:31  Acteurs Corporatefilm (betaald)
Shooting location: Leiden 2 men (role: male couple in love) between 18 and 25 years old. 09:00 - 1300 1 woman (role: sporty mother) between 25 and 35 years old. 09:00 - 1300 1 man (role: father) between 25 and 35 years old. 09:00 - 1300 Shooting...
Tue 15:04  Van Gogh lookalike gezocht! (betaald)
Middle-aged man with short red beard or beard that can be dyed red, Acting experience not an advantage.
Tue 11:03  Foodmodel in winkelcentrum Breda (lowbudgetvergoeding)
A female model between 20-30 It is desirable that you can walk well in heels, have an affinity with food and are eloquent to talk about what you serve. We prefer to look for a fixed model for this assignment, because they will occur several times a...
Mon 14:29  Looking for a native Korean speaking actor (lowbudgetvergoeding)
Description - Native Korean speaking actor -Age: between 25 and 35 years old.
Mon 23:20  Actrice gezocht voor video clip (lowbudgetvergoeding)
A young woman between the ages of 18 and 30.
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