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An explanation of acting roles  |  16-12-2019 Posted by Fleur Stellinga in General
INC ''There are No Small Parts only Small actors''. Chip Bray, co-founder of INCasting told me that on the first day of my internship. It's still on my mind on a daily basis. He's right. It might be a small role that you are playing, but without you, it wouldn't be the same and incomplete. Every role is important, but what are the different types of acting roles?   |  read more »

Self Representation, Agents & Managers.   |  02-12-2019 in Other
So, your acting job count is growing...go you! If this is the case, pop some champagne and let’s talk about the next step that is right for you. Representation for yourself and your brand is very important if you want to build your name and make your acting career grow. Self-Representation, working with an agent, or hiring a manager are the three strategies that you might be looking into so that you can grow your acting career and steer it in the right direction. In this post, we will discuss all three strategies so you can decide which one is the best choice for you.   |  read more »

How to measure your jeans size and why really it’s important to know.  |  16-10-2019 in Other
So you need to buy a new pair of jeans. BLECH.
There's that fear that begins to swell in the back of the throat as you imagine the countless hours of searching, the multiple stores, the unbuttoning, the pulling, the buttoning, the squishing and the hopping.   |  read more »

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