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Are you searching for an actor who speaks in perfect Scouse (Think Beatles)? An actress with a genuine Ch'tis (obscure French) accent? Or voice actors with extensive Bayerish, Urdu, Hillbilly Twang, West Flemish or Northern Chinese vocabularies? International Native Casting (INCasting) is your specialist when you need authentic accents.

For our clients we search, select and book the real deal: (voice) actors from every corner of the earth who live in The Benelux.  In short: we cast aliens.

We lessen the load of our clients by saving them time, hassle and expensive airline tickets. Every single day.

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Now that smart phones are almost universal, producers and directors ask actors to self-tape their first audition. Now what? Here are three tips to create a video that won't creep up in a few years and bite you in your self-esteem.   |  read more »

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RSS Feed ReaderFri 09:11  - Rome MIA: Cinephil Takes ‘The Rossellinis’ Doc On Film Icon’s Uneasy Family Legacy (EXCLUSIVE)
Tel Aviv-based sales agent Cinephil has taken international sales rights to high-concept doc “The Rossellinis” which will provide a tongue-in-cheek autobiographical look at the descendants living around the world of iconic Italian director Roberto Rossellini’s unique extended family and is being directed by his grandson, Alessandro Rossellini. “The Rossellinis,” which is being pitched at Rome’s […]

RSS Feed ReaderFri 03:34  - Rocket League Delays Update, And That's Good News

It's rare that gamers are hit with news about an update or a game being delayed and it's, somehow, good news. However, in this rare case you're probably going to be duly excited to find out the reasons behind Rocket League's delay for the latest update, because it will completely change...


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RSS Feed ReaderFri 08:36  - GEZOCHT leuk, spontaan presentatietalent voor coole vlogvids (betaald)
Wij zijn op zoek naar een leuke, spontane jonge man of vrouw tussen de 18-35 jaar die goed is met kinderen en al redelijk wat ervaring heeft als presentator/presentatrice. Nieuwe talenten zijn ook altijd welkom uiteraard!

RSS Feed ReaderFri 08:28  - Georgina Verbaan en Katja Schuurman voor het eerst in 17 jaar samen in film (nu)
Georgina Verbaan en Katja Schuurman zijn binnenkort voor het eerst in zeventien jaar weer samen in een bioscoopfilm te zien. Samen met Edwin Jonker vertolken zij de rollen van schurken in de nieuwe Nederlandse familiefilm De Club van Lelijke Kinderen. De opnames van De Club van Lelijke Kinderen gaan vrijdag van start.

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Alyssa is an actress, voice actress, improviser & singer from America living in the NL. She is experienced in ballet, jazz, musical theater dance, and loves sewing, singing, dancing. This American girl has spunk and humor to add to her list of great characteristics and is waiting to be booked by you!   |  view profile »