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Are you searching for an actor who speaks in perfect Scouse (Think Beatles)? An actress with a genuine Ch'tis (obscure French) accent? Or voice actors with extensive Bayerish, Urdu, Hillbilly Twang, West Flemish or Northern Chinese vocabularies? International Native Casting (INCasting) is your specialist when you need authentic accents.

For our clients we search, select and book the real deal: (voice) actors from every corner of the earth who live in The Benelux.  In short: we cast aliens.

We lessen the load of our clients by saving them time, hassle and expensive airline tickets. Every single day.

In the spotlight.

Yannik is A French model who started in New Zealand. Since then he has worked for: McDonalds, Honda, Samsung, Philadelphia Cheese, Mazda, Esprit, Callaway Golf and even NL’s very own Calvé, Gazelle, Philips.  |  watch video »
Voice Talent Michael J. from the Germany.  |  listen »


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Ever been on a set and told to go find "so and so" but ended up wandering around the production grounds to seek someone... only to find they were right next to you the whole time? Like many of us, it may seem embarrassing to ask "who is that" so take a few minutes to study these glossary terms of "...   |  read more »

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RSS Feed ReaderTue 00:45  - TV Review: ‘The First Wives Club’ on BET Plus
Launching a series based on a beloved property is harder than it seems. On the one hand, you get the immediate boost of name recognition to lure in preexisting fans. On the other, straying too far from the plot and/or spirit of the original risks sparking their righteous wrath. It’s a tricky balance to strike, […]

RSS Feed ReaderTue 00:47  - Why Battle At Big Rock Has Me Excited For Jurassic World 3

Dinosaur action at its finest.


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RSS Feed ReaderMon 09:57  - Korte commerciële mood/sfeer film (betaald)
Man circa 28 jaar Je zal een bouwcoördinator spelen met een stoer en zelfverzekerd uiterlijk.

RSS Feed ReaderMon 19:55  - Nederlands Film Festival presenteert selectie Holland Film Meeting (nbf)
Dit jaar zijn producties van o.a. Aaron Rookus, Heddy Honigmann, Isabel Lamberti en Mark de Cloe geselecteerd voor presentatie en projectontwikkeling tijdens de Holland Film Meeting. De Holland Film Meeting (HFM) is de tak van het Nederlands Film Festival die Nederlandse makers verbindt aan internationale professionals. In 2019 vindt HFM gelijktijdig plaats met het Professionals Programma van zaterdag 28 september t/m dinsdag 1 oktober, voornamelijk in Stadsschouwburg Utrecht.

Talent of the month.


Jiamin is a Chinese actress, model, voice talent, animator, performer, comedian, and improviser. She speaks Chinese mandarin and her second language is Dutch. She prides herself on being the youngest teacher in a Rotterdam Chinese school when she came to the NL and was also chosen to model for Vogue Italia in 2018. Great work Jiamin!  |  view profile »