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In this time of Covid19 we are all working remotely.
Please send an email to office@in-casting.com with any questions you may have.

In this time of social-distancing and partial lockdowns INCasting is still working!  Since 2006 we have been working in the cloud (before there was a cloud).  So, our home offices are up and running.  The only thing that has changed (more or less) is we no longer have lunch together.  

When you need us, we are here to help you.  Covid-19 won't stop us!  

Are you searching for an actor who speaks in perfect Scouse (Think Beatles)? An actress with a genuine Ch'tis (obscure French) accent? Or voice actors with extensive Bayerish, Urdu, Hillbilly Twang, West Flemish or Northern Chinese vocabularies? International Native Casting (INCasting) is your specialist when you need authentic accents, specific looks, locally local and locally foreign talent from all over the world. 

For our clients, we search, select and book the real deal: (voice) actors from every corner of the earth.  If we don't have what you are looking for in our talent pool then we will do our best to search for you.  We lessen the load of our clients by saving them time, hassle and expensive airline tickets. Every single day.   In short: we cast aliens.


In the spotlight.

Zoe is a top talent! With years of experience in acting, improvisation and singing is she also inseperable from the stages as a comedian. She has been writing stories and one-act plays since university where she studied performance acting. Her focus as a writer lies mostly in romantic and familial relationships and her adventurous experiences as a traveler. Over the past 4 years she has been developing her graphic design and illustration skills in order to continue these stories using different mediums. If you want to have a great evening with your friends or family and laugh with this all-arounder, don’t forget to have a look on her website and check her comedian shows!  |  watch video »
With all of Simon´s experiences, he deserves a place in the spotlight! Simon Feilder is a comedian, presenter, actor, and voiceover artist based in Amsterdam. With a lot of experiences behind his name, he brings professionalism, vibrant energy, and humor to projects! Since starting his stand-up career in 2008, Simon has performed on stages throughout the UK and all over the world as a solo stand-up, and improv performer. This talent has hosted live TV, presented corporate videos, radioshows, podcasts, live events and more! Have a look at Simon his profile to find out more about his talents!  |  listen »


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''There are No Small Parts only Small actors''. Chip Bray, co-founder of INCasting told me that on the first day of my internship. It's still on my mind on a daily basis. He's right. It might be a small role that you are playing, but without you, it wouldn't be the same and incomplete. Every role is...   |  read more »

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RSS Feed ReaderMon 09:34  - ‘Mother Schmuckers’ Review: Gritty Belgian Cinema Gets the John Waters Twist It Never Saw Coming
If you thought the Dardenne brothers were the only game in town when it comes to fraternal auteur duos making unvarnished studies of life on the skids in working-class Belgium, newcomers Harpo and Lenny Guit have at least one surprise in store for you. If you’re thinking of the Dardenne brothers at all, however, the […]

RSS Feed ReaderMon 03:47  - Chadwick Boseman Won The Best Actor Golden Globe, See His Wife's Emotional Acceptance Speech

Chadwick Boseman's wife delivered a beautiful tribute to her husband during the Golden Globes.


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RSS Feed ReaderSat 11:51  - Voor fotografie produkte (betaald)
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RSS Feed ReaderMon 10:17  - Loeki de Leeuw na zeventien jaar terug op televisie (nu)
Loeki de Leeuw keert na een afwezigheid van zo'n zeventien jaar terug op televisie. Tijdens de komende sportzomer maakt hij zijn rentree tijdens de reclameonderbrekingen van de NPO.

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Veli is an actor, and presenter from Turkey. Veli loves traveling, football and most importantly: his family.   |  view profile »