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  Talent name: INC-6879  
  Playing age: From 20 to 35 years  
  Gender: male  
  Pregnant: No ( weeks, Due date: )  
  Country of origin: Germany  
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  Ethnic Look: Mediterranean  
    Western European-North American  
  Celeb. look-alike: No   
  Height: 162  
  Hair color: Black  
  Hair length: Short  
  Eye color: Blue/Green  
  Tatoos: Yes (One tattoo on the left overarm/overshoulder (not visible, only visible if wearing a tank top or shirtless))  
  Piercings: No   
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  Talents: Actor, Voice Actor, Singer, Model, Influencer  
  Native language: English  
  2nd nat. language: Italian  
  Other language
spoken fluently:
German (3rd nat. language) - Accents/Dialects: German Standard, Singing, Swabian Spanish (fluently) - Accents/Dialects: Spanish Standard, Spanish Latin America, Spanish Mexican, Singing  
  Other language(s): French (good), Norwegian (good), Brazilian-Portuguese (good), Dutch (good)  
  Accents/Dialects: English:
1-UK-Standard, 1-USA-Standard, German, Italian, Mafia, Singing

Italian Standard, Singing, USA
  Dancing skills:  
  Musical Instrument(s):  
  Hobbies: Licenced Skipper (motor boat); SRC + UBI Certificates; Gun license-Pyrotechnics license; Songwriter; Philanthropist with my own Andy Magro Foundation; Instagram Influencer with over 300K followers; car license; motorcycle license; polyglot (learning new languages very easily and very fast)  
  Sports: ARCHERY (Advanced), BADMINTON (Beginner), BILLIARDS PLAYER (Advanced), BOATING (Advanced), BOWLING (Advanced), CANOEING (Beginner), DRIVE A BOAT (Advanced), GOLF (Advanced), GYMNASTICS (Beginner), JET SKIER (Advanced), JOGGING (Beginner), JUMP ROPE (Intermediate), KAYAKER (Beginner), LACROSSE (Intermediate), PING PONG (Intermediate), RUNNING (Beginner), SNORKELER (Intermediate), SOCCER (Advanced), SPIN CYCLE (Intermediate), SQUASH (Advanced), TENNIS (Advanced), TRAMPOLINE (Intermediate), VOLLEYBALL (Advanced), WEIGHT LIFTER (Intermediate), HORSEBACK RIDING-GENERAL (Intermediate)  
  Twins: No  
  Extra work: No  
  Drivers license: Yes