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Talent Profile.

Lin He

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  Talent name: Lin He  
  Playing age: From 25 to 35 years  
  Gender: female  
  Pregnant: No ( weeks, Due date: )  
  Country of origin: China  
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  Ethnic Look: Asian  
  Celeb. look-alike: No   
  Height: 164  
  Hair color: Dark Brown  
  Hair length: Extra Long  
  Eye color: Brown  
  Tatoos: No   
  Piercings: No   
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  Talents: Actor, Voice Actor, Model  
  Native language: Dutch  
  2nd nat. language: English  
  Other language(s): Chinese (Mandarin) on a basic level. French on a very basic level.  
  Accents/Dialects: English:

  Dancing skills: I dance a lot as a hobby and had a few trial lessons. I want to pick it up again in the nearby future.  
  Musical Instrument(s): I practiced playing the piano a few years ago, but not anymore nowadays. I want to pick it up again in the nearby future.  
  Hobbies: Fitness/weighttraining, freediving, diving, Kundalini yoga and other kinds of yoga, dancing, swimming, reading, listening to music, being involved in Psychology, climate change, sustainability, awareness of the mind and body.  
  Sports: I was a professional athlete/swimmer in the National Junior Selection group of the The Royal Dutch Swimming Federation (Dutch: Koninklijke Nederlandse Zwem Bond). The federation is the official governing body for competition swimming among others in the Netherlands, and is affiliated with the national sports body NOC*NSF. I achieved first place titles in Dutch Championships and I was a holder of several Dutch records. Furthermore, I have a First Wave Molchanovs Certificate in Freediving and an Open Water, Advanced Open Water + a Deep Diver Specialty certificate in Diving. I also love to do Kundalini Yoga and other kinds of yoga, fitness and I'm thinking of starting again in the swimmingpool.  
  Twins: No  
  Extra work: No  
  Drivers license: No