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Talent Profile.


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  Talent name: Alyssa  
  Playing age: From 25 to 35 years  
  Gender: female  
  Country of origin: United States  
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  Ethnic Look: Western European-North American  
  Celeb. look-alike: No   
  Height: 172  
  Hair color: Blond  
  Hair length: Shoulder  
  Eye color: Blue  
  Tatoos: No   
  Piercings: Yes (Ears)  
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  Talents: Actor, Voice Actor, Improvisor, Singer, Musical Actor  
  Native language: English  
  2nd nat. language: not set  
  Accents/Dialects: English:
1-UK-Standard, 1-USA-Standard, California, New Yorker, USA Southern, USA-New Jersey
  Dancing skills: ballet, jazz, musical theater dance. Intermidiate  
  Musical Instrument(s):  
  Hobbies: Sewing, singing, dancing.  
  Sports: football (soccer), volleyball, golf  
  Twins: No  
  Extra work: Yes  
  Drivers license: Yes