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The importance of Social Media for an Actor- Tips to get on the good foot  |  05-08-2019 Posted by Ingrid Sanghee Edwards in Developing your talent
Despite social media evolving into an egotistical scrapbook of all our best and fabulous times and features… it is still a powerful marketing and PR tool to enhance your acting career. After the technological revolution and the birth of the digital native, people started to have a revelation in many forms. In 2006, FB and Twitter were created, and social media becomes more prominent in everyday life. If you didn’t have a profile, you didn’t exist in the digital world. If you didn’t exist in the digital world, “then who are you… really?”. As the world turns, social media allows anyone to talk to everyone. Despite accessibility to almost everything becoming the newest daily obsession, this gives everyone access to knowledge, networking, marketing and creation, and it allows the power of broadcasting to sit in the palm of the hands of almost everyone.   |  read more »

Five things to remember in the biz  |  21-11-2018 Posted by Ingrid Sanghee Edwards in Developing your talent
INC Any actress or actor that is motivated enough to make it in “the biz” will face a plethora of obstacles. There is an extraordinary amount of talent, competition and harsh realities (such as years of perseverance) you must have in order to survive. It is a tough road for everyone and it takes a special type of person to get through these challenges, obtain all the puzzle pieces…and succeed.   |  read more »

Modeling is acting for 1/200th of a second – Part 1  |  29-05-2015 Posted by Lee M. Ross in Developing your talent
INC When you hear someone say 'they’re a model', you usually envision a beautiful creature who’s spoiled by their easy jet-setting lifestyle, flitting from one fashion show to the next. Here’s a fact, modeling isn’t as simple as it looks, in reality, and it can be extremely demanding and exhausting. And modeling is not only for fashionistas, those overweight builders advertising bags of cement are models, too.   |  read more »

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