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Expanding BUSINESS as an acting talent and performer.
19-06-2019 Posted by Ingrid Sanghee Edwards in Other

Many of you have already found that we have expanded our business by landing many awesome new talents and are celebrating some of the old in our spotlights and talent of the week. On behalf of the INCasting team, we want to welcome everyone and hope we can assist you on your journey to finding your acting gigs. We also encourage you to take the initiative to link up, collaborate and work together. Currently, we are working to develop our talent pool in London, Russia, and China with our new clients, business relationships and friends. Know some actors in these areas or more? Help us come together and tell them to look us up and join our "out of this world" cast of Aliens. Who knows, maybe your cousin is the next Alexander Skarsgård or Blake Lively and BOOM! Success by association! :)

Our outward steps for expansion means that we are jumping out of our chairs because it is a big step into our aim to hypothetically place those little red pinpoints around this wide whirling globe, so not only will we have numerous other colleagues in other countries (maybe even with a couch to crash?), but also so that our actors and talents are noticed by companies in these countries to ultimately make more use of our talents who speak multiple languages. They say: if you don't use it... you lose it.. well, folks start sharpening your languages and dialects, clear out our karma, and tap into your superstitious ways of obtaining luck because we are all on the path to "getting those new pair of shoes" >>insert air casino dice throw here<

Now that we are now in Moscow and in the process of landing Shanghai, this means a few things:

1. We have and are obtaining long term possibilities with people and clients in these countries.

2. That we are one step closer to seeing Putin's Pet Tiger.

3. Our talent pool so badass that people in these cities want to join us, and clients want to book us. 

Since the image standards and requirements of these magnificent countries are so high and detailed, we applaud the management and negotiations team for making us visible and giving everyone in our talent pool a wider change to also become personally visible. 

Moscow and Shanghai are known for their immaculate detail for talent with unique bone structures, perfect pigments and luxurious skin tones, perfectly V-shaped faces and yes elongated extremities.  We are proud to not only obtain some of these rare beauties in our talent pool but also show these cities the uniqueness and beauty of what the rest have to offer.   

That brings us to our next point: How to expand your OWN business as an acting talent and performer.

The answer lies within and around that we like to call "KEEP KISSING"... yes most of us are American therefore we live by Acronyms.


KEEP: going and keep acting. 

Sometimes it's fun to pretend. Just like being a kid.  Let your inner child soar and let your imagination fly.  Practice in front of the mirror, or make up a sketch while you are on your public commute to work. "Keep going and keep acting" means stay motivated despite how many times you get denied or shut down because you just might not be what a client is looking to book.  Put yourself in front of your own camera and try to see what it is like to produce your own little video, and reach out to groups to let people know you are motivated by the act of performance and not the money. Want to know more about how to keep motivated? Check out ActingLondon's Blog about 10 ways to stay motivated. 


ENTREPRENEUR: be one and learn how to be a better one.

To be an entrepreneur is what you are if you want to become your own boss alongside the agencies. It never hurt to find companies you like and let them know you are also out there as an actor or actress.  In the entrepreneurship of acting, the buyers are directors, producers, casting directors, students and of course writers. Branding and wrapping yourself up as a package make it easier for the buyers to open up and look at the goodies hidden inside.  Reach out to prospective clients and build relationships with people because they are the ones who are going to buy your services. When you first begin your acting career and for some of those around us who want to be able to work and represent themselves successfully without a team (despite mentioning in an earlier blog post on why its not such a good idea to represent yourself), you will still need to learn how to be self-motivated and proactive and sharpen your entrepreneurial skills. Watch this behind the scenes lesson on the entrepreneurship with Tony Robbins.  Learning a bit about marketing and business helps everyone who wants to be their own boss.


EDUCATE: yourself of the acting world

You don't need to go to acting school to become a big-time talent. Reading, attending workshops, watching and creating your own videos can all help educate you as an actor, actress, talent or performer.  You will not become one of Twista's "overnight celebrities" by just watching youtube videos all day, but reading about things that other actors are going through can help you also realize that you are not the only ones dragged through these hardships. If it was easy, then everyone would be doing it.  But of course, there are many many many people doing it...the right and wrong ways.  Make sure you do it the right way and keep educating yourself about what it takes to perform well, and start following blogs of actors and agencies alike that you can relate to.  Not only are you self educating, you are educating yourself and also discovering how you can fit and make your place into the acting world. Take some more advice on how to educate yourself from mindful actor and psychologist Kevin Page.


PROMOTE: your skills and talents 

Of course, if you are an influencer then posting 10 selfies a day via social media, showing yourself in different clothes and in front of a different background or in front of each bowl of food you eat may be exactly what you are supposed to be doing.  But if you are an actor or actress trying to expand your business, then utilizing social media with a strategy can help you make connections.  This doesn't mean contacting everyone and shoving your successes down everyone's throats about "me Me ME!" but it can also mean promoting your shows, videos, and acting examples... and most importantly tagging people and friends in the productions while making reference to the information that you learned through these experiences. This point especially can go a long way in growing your business, Instagram or fan following and promote yourself while promoting others.  Besides social media, make sure to keep a website with your latest and greatest and don't forget word of mouth! Word of mouth has been said to be the best form of promotion. So like we stated before in an earlier blog post called "9 tips on how to get a callback" be representable, kind, and memorable to get people talking well of you. 


KEEP: up to date- 

We've said it before and we say it again. We can't stress how important it is to keep up to date with your headshot and portfolio.  It is also important to let your agencies and fans know just how often you are shooting and making great imagery. Despite not having so many bookings, it is always fun to get people together simply by asking if they want to work together. Despite coming into our agency and getting some of the cheapest rates for professional digital imagery at a steal (50 euros for profile video, 3 voice audios, and a photoshoot with 3 photos) maybe ask your neighbor with a nice camera and a nice eye to snap some shots for a bottle of wine and home-baked cookies in place of one great headshot.  Getting on the good foot as an actor and obtaining a professional headshot is not as difficult as you think!


INTERACT: with your teammates.

As stated in our intro, it is important to look for other actors, directors, and people within the acting loop not only in social media but face to face. Whether you are a visual learner  (one who learns by seeing), an auditory learner (one who listens and learns) or one who is a kinesthetic learner (one who learns by doing), either way you learn you will experience these when you connect, collaborate and communicate to those who may have already paved the same path that you aim to roam.  Interaction with your agency is also very important, not because we think you are brown-nosing to the teacher, but because it lets us know who is active and who is being professional. 


STAY: within your investment limits.

Investment is one thing, bankrupt is another.  Be clever and figure out how to dimish costs of time and money. Optimize your business by finding alternative and cost-effective ways to grow and create your highest achievable performances (and digital media) within your means.  Take a few youtube videos and learn how to capture and edit. There are many apps with easy interfaces such as Adobe and could be even easier. Just because it is a brand name doesn't mean that there are other cheaper and more useable alternatives that may fit your level of learning! Don't forget: home Learning is freeeee! 


SELL- yourself and your skills but not your soul. 

Selling yourself as talent is one of the most important things to remember when thinking of yourself as an entrepreneur and expanding your business. Selling yourself comes hand in hand with promotion and educating yourself.  After the promotion stage and into the negotiation stage, make sure to know the right words to get the client to decide that you are their chosen talent.  Practice selling yourself and if you find that you have trouble with it, try it first with "he" or "she" and play it like a script or tap into an alter ego and talk about yourself in that manner. If it feels "icky" then you may be doing it wrong. Despite the many negative connotations surrounding the idea of "selling yourself", try to look at it in a positive manner and think of it as believing in yourself as you learn how to sell, market, put yourself out there in order to sign those invoices. Take a look at this great article by Backstage on "Selling yourself without being sleazy".


IDENTIFY: new opportunities

Analyze new opportunities by understanding your personal demographic and niche. Understand everything from distribution channels to what your competitors are doing. Check foreign markets and other potential industries like we are at INCasting. There are most likely dozens of opportunities you can and should pursue by searching and looking for new opportunities. 


NEW: stay in it. 

Entrepreneurs create new.  This doesn't necessarily mean that you have to invent new forms of acting or push yourself to make new acting products to sell, one can take something already created and put their spin on it to create something new. Try and look for new techniques to create new services for you and your acting career. Learn new things and practice new ideas. 
As an actor and an entrepreneur, ask yourself "how can I take this to a new level?" or "how can I put my own spin on this".  This makes you more interesting and therefore more scroll worthy. Check out this awesome article from The Guardian about "Keeping it fresh".


GROWTH: personal and business development 

Growth is ever constant as we live the day today. As soon as we open our eyes, we are experiencing and learning things about ourselves and the world around us.  Make plans, learn, educate and expand. Don't let others, ideas or inner thoughts hold you back. Growth comes to everyone in their own speed and progression and if you aim to grow as a person, acting talent, business, and brand then you will.  Keep at it, and will successfully transform you into the actor and entrepreneur that you want it to be. Check this article from SACP for more about "Self Development" and growth. 

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