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The role of a Talent Agency
06-05-2019 Posted by Ingrid Sanghee Edwards in Other

With new social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram, the idea of representing yourself as an actor may sound enticing and financially attractive. However by representing yourself, you may be missing out on better opportunities, bigger money, and may not know how to protect yourself against producers or directors trying to save money at your expense. By having an agency, this allows you, as an actor or actress, to be the “nice person” as they get down and dirty for you in negotiations… or give a client the occasional finger when we feel like they are attempting to rip off our talent. Simply put, we negotiate the best deals possible.


International Native Casting was founded by two traveling street performers. Many of us on the team are professional actors and like some of our colleagues, we know what kind of mud actors and actresses are being dragged through.  We aim first and foremost to protect actors and their rights.

There are many other reasons why actors choose not to join other agencies.  Some are asking for you to pay hundreds our underpaid monies for professional portfolio media, or to subscribe with big monthly fees.  Personally, we have begun to see producers and directors pulling the unethical “no-no” and go around the casting agencies to the actors themselves via Facebook and Instagram; to see if they can pull a better and cheaper deal for their productions.  This is when actors are singled out of a social media crowd, not understanding that there were a few other actors or actresses before them who said “price is too low, speak to my agency”.

International Native Acting is a hybrid Talent Agency.

We represent actors as a “Talent agent” and help find a perfect actor for a client as a “Casting Agent”.  

When a client comes to us, we search and promote the talent in our database first and foremost.  We make casting calls and approach people personally on behalf of the company.  Yet, if talent cannot be found in our home base that pleases a client- (like finding a curly mustache French 30-year-old male who can mime with the nonverbal dialect of a French Canadian >>insert wince here<< …)

then we may join forces with other casting agencies to find the appropriate talent.  Which brings me to the point of how deeply important it is to keep your profiles up to date, professional, with 3 recent photos within the last year as your first three. You have no idea how many people have been passed over because their profiles are unfinished or unprofessional, they have changed their contact information, or they simply forgot that they are a professional actor. 

Overall, no matter what choice you choose in your representation as an actor or actress, good communication, fighting for OUR rights and positive relationships are three keys to unlocking your dream job. 






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