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Tips for Auditioning Internationally
13-03-2019 Posted by Ingrid Sanghee Edwards in Other

In our digital and globalizing world, it has become “easy peasy lemon squeezy” to audition for roles on the other side of the globe. Today digital auditions are treated equally as live auditions, however the travel expenses may or may not be the only thing holding you back from the local person in landing a role, but if your talent is bigger than the travel budget, your all good. That being said, don’t let distance get in the way of your dreams in auditioning for a role that could make you into the next Natalie Portman or Johnny Depp. Just be honest with yourself if you fit the part, and give it all you got.

As important it is to act professionally when introducing yourself in person, it just as (if not more) important to be professional when introducing yourself online. I have had so many “professional” actors telling us to look at their Instagram or Facebook and not even taking the time to look at who we are, make a profile, or keep it up to date before introducing themselves improperly.  Not only are we receiving tons of amazing applications and introductions, but an actor or actress who is really serious about their acting career will take the few minutes to invest in themselves, and their communication, to research and properly approach those who may assist you on your career.  When approaching and introducing yourself to an agency, project, or casting director, etc. remember that you are basically asking them for the favor of helping you create your future successes.

That being said, when it comes to auditioning internationally the digital capabilities we have today can open up worlds we never dreamed of a few decades ago.  To properly audition internationaly, you CAN shoot and send HD video with some basic cut and paste skills in premier pro absolutely; HOWEVER, a HORIZONTAL video from your smartphone can do just the same, and in many apps now days (such as imovie, adobe spark) you can add titles to add your information. Overall it is simply about your acting skills and nothing more. A more detailed video will not put you higher on the ladder just because you know a little bit of premier pro, but it is up to you as an actor or actress which one you are able to do, and also how much time you have.  

Lastly, make sure to include all the information of the role you are auditioning including your name, age, location and role you are auditioning. While it seems like a given to most, there are so many auditions that don't include this information and get lost in the pile of "incomplete auditions". 

So no matter where you are geographically located, what kind of camera set up you're working with, or if you do not know much about the people who you are contacting, make sure to remember these rules when creating your international digital audition and get ready for your global debut.

  1. Do your research of the role and who you are planning to contact.
  2. Make sure your portfolio (CV, Showreel & headshot) is up to date.
  3. Take the time to make a proper introduction.
  4. Use the KISS rule when introducing yourself (KEEP IT SHORT AND SWEET)
  5. Doesn't matter what kind of camera you use to record yourself.
  6. If recording from a smartphone, try to use a horizontal recording.
  7. Clearly, state all your information and the role you are auditioning.
  8. Give it all you got and enjoy!


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