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The importance of Social Media for an Actor- Tips to get on the good foot  |  05-08-2019 Posted by Ingrid Sanghee Edwards in Other
Despite social media evolving into an egotistical scrapbook of all our best and fabulous times and features… it is still a powerful marketing and PR tool to enhance your acting career. After the technological revolution and the birth of the digital native, people started to have a revelation in many forms. In 2006, FB and Twitter were created, and social media becomes more prominent in everyday life. If you didn’t have a profile, you didn’t exist in the digital world. If you didn’t exist in the digital world, “then who are you… really?”. As the world turns, social media allows anyone to talk to everyone. Despite accessibility to almost everything becoming the newest daily obsession, this gives everyone access to knowledge, networking, marketing and creation, and it allows the power of broadcasting to sit in the palm of the hands of almost everyone.   |  read more »

5 commandments of a quality Voice Over  |  10-07-2019 Posted by Ingrid Sanghee Edwards in Other
Voice overs create good jobs for actors and models. By learning about them, it can expand the knowledge created about our wild world of acting and since there are just a few well know female voice-over actresses, there is much room for a Wikipedia update. Some voice actors you may know are Robbin Williams, Morgan Freeman, James Earl Jones, Seth McFarland, Hank Azaria, Gilbert Gottfried, and Mila Kunis for their well-known sounds and hilarious or badass characters.   |  read more »

Expanding BUSINESS as an acting talent and performer.  |  19-06-2019 Posted by Ingrid Sanghee Edwards in Other
INC Many of you have already found that we have expanded our business by landing many awesome new talents and are celebrating some of the old in our spotlights and talent of the week. On behalf of the INCasting team, we want to welcome everyone and hope we can assist you on your journey to finding your acting gigs. We also encourage you to take the initiative to link up, collaborate and work together. Currently, we are working to develop our talent pool in London, Russia, and China with our new clients, business relationships and friends. Know some actors in these areas or more? Help us come together and tell them to look us up and join our "out of this world" cast of Aliens. Who knows, maybe your cousin is the next Alexander Skarsgård or Blake Lively and BOOM! Success by association! :)   |  read more »

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